meet Dr. Langston

A little about myself: I was born in Six Mile ,SC. where I lived until I was 12. At that time, my Dad became the pastor of Belmont Baptist Church, on top of Stumphouse Mountain in Mt. Rest, S.C. I graduated from Walhalla High School , then attended The University of Georgia. Graduated University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in June 1976. Bought O.E. Ballenger D.V. M. Veterinary practice on July 1 1976. This is the oldest continuing operating veterinary clinic in Pickens County South Carolina. When I first operated the practice, we worked out of the building at 101 North A Street , Easley ,SC. One day in late Jan.1977, the most beautiful girl in the world, walked into the office with a little white dog named Duffy. I later called the girl and asked if she was married. I then asked her out and a few months later asked her to marry me. She said yes and on May 5 ,1978 and she became Mrs. Langston. God has blessed us with three sons, three beautiful daughter-in-laws and five wonderful grandchildren. Over the years, Julia has worked with me to build the practice. She has been my right hand and lovingly earned the handle, THE BOSS. We operated the office and raised our three boys. The practice with our loyal clients and our furry patients has made for a very enjoyable and rewarding profession. We have always tried to serve the animal population in Pickens County and surrounding area. We have actually worked on everything from a mouse to an elephant. Operated as sole practice until sold to Paul Langston my son in April 2018. Now employed as Veterinarian. Enjoy working on small and large animals and interacting with their owners.

meet Julia

I married Dr. Langston in 1978. Formerly working in the dental field. After our second child was born in 1987, I started the grooming side of the business. Took classes in grooming. Then as the practice grew, I started helping with the receptionist duties and continue to groom and assist the Doctor with surgery and other duties as he needed... extra hands helping with holding animals, etc. We have three sons and I'm a proud grandmother of 5. Our youngest son, Paul, has bought the practice . Now I have two bosses my husband and son. It is a great place to work. We have a great relationship. I enjoy the animals and great clients we have come to know and appreciate and the new clients we are now reaching.

meet Paul

I grew up going to work with my Dad Dr. Langston. I have been at the office full time 5 years but really my whole life. A little about me: Graduated from Southern Wesleyan University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Later on decide to get my Masters degree from Liberty University.

I began learning the daily operations and business, but also how to help out in the Veterinary health side in the clinic. Learning so much from my dad and given the opportunity to run the business side of things, of course, wanted to jump at the opportunity. Being an office manger seemed like it would be easy but with responsibility comes challenges. Watching dad go to work every day and the motivation to provide for the family... The business would not be the same without the help of my mother, Julia, who has been side by side with my dad in helping run the business. They both have worked very hard to make it what it is today. My parents have worked hard and that is something they have instilled in my brothers and myself. Dad not only instilled in us the motivation, but also the determination to be the best that we can be. My brother Jonathan works at Easley Combined Utilities (locally); he also is striving to help the community that we live in, grow and help in serving others. We enjoy farming, riding horses and going to rodeos together. We also raise dogs, cows, and even some horses from time to time. Now as a owner of the business, the encouragement of my wife is something that is needed every day. Also providing for my own family and still have my parents work for me it truly is a blessing. But owning a business comes with a bunch of responsibility. The responsibility of taking care of those furry four legged family members. Not only being an owner of the veterinary clinic, but also having pets that my wife and I love dearly. I understand the level of care that needs to be administered and that is what we strive to do each day here at Langston Veterinary Clinic. To the clients that have made us into what we are today, thank you and we cannot wait to see you back. To the new clients, we hope that we can help that furry four legged family member of yours too.